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Astrid Brinck: Awakened Femininity Is Awakened Love

This impulse presentation on the four aspects of awakened love was held by Astrid Brinck, of Chile, at the women's symposium "Awakened Femininity", which took place in the Parimal near Göttingen in October 2016.

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Astrid Brinck:

Astrid Brinck is a contemporary teacher, integrative therapist and medicine woman from Chile. Her work blends the traditional and non-traditional perspectives for human awakening and self mastery. She is also a song writer, singer and writer.

Astrid has done extensive research for almost twenty years about the wisdom behind the cycles in nature and its relation with the process of maturity of the human heart. Based on this research and experience, Astrid has developed ‘The Circle’, a unique process for self mastery.

Astrid has also done extensive research in various areas of human development, creating a unique and powerful synthesis in her work that integrates Transpersonal Psychology, Sociology, Systemic Theories, Leadership, Aboriginal Wisdom, Wilderness Therapy, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Dance Therapies, Breathwork, Family Order, Empowering Communication, Nutrition, Rites of Passage, Neuroscience and Meditation.

Over the years she has developed various awakening experiences through seminars, programs, wilderness inmersion and trainings helping hundreds of people around the world find their own unique power and truth.

In the mid 90’s she founded the The Circle, currently offering its programs in Scandinavia, Europe and Latin America. 


She has studied with great teachers including Leonard Orr, Gabriel Cousens, Ed White Owl, Susan Skjei, Atl Yolotzin, Netzahualipilli, Bert Hellinger, Blanca Uruguay, Nelly Arredondo and has been inspired by many others such as Thich Nah Hahn, the Dalai Lama, Osho, Rumi, Eckart Tolle, Miguel Ruiz and many more.

She is a graduate from Naropa University in Colorado, Catholic University of Chile, Tree of Life in Arizona, Inspiration University in Virginia, School of Physical Therapy, Musictherapy and Art therapy.  She has studied at the Toltec Circle in Mexico, White Owl Circle of awakening in the US, Pranayen Training Programs, Tree of Life School in Arizona,  Spiritual Purification Program in the RBI, Biodanza School of Santiago de Chile, Creative Health Institute in Michigan, Hippocrates Institute in Florida and more.

Astrid has had many teachers that have inspired her path and many relationships that have been her master. Her biggest inspiration is her beloved mother Ines for her devotional and unconditional presence and ability to express her love, her father Caupolicán for daring to be himself, her beloved daughter Gabriela for her strength and courage to follow the yes of the heart and her grandson Munay, whose divine presence is teaching her about a new quality of love and surrender.

Astrid has also been inspired by great women that surround her life. Above all, Astrid has the privilege to be inspired by simple people walking a path of love and compassion.

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