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Adima: Remembering Oneself is Always Now

Interview and Live Chat with Adima from Juni 2022.


From the video: How can we live wisely? What does it mean to be wise? Do we need a partner on the spiritual path? Do we need a spiritual teacher? Listening is an important tool, deeper than hearing with your ears; How to live in this world and what is happening in this world? The state of the earth: resources, wars, getting heart broken, we don't know where it's going; we can have the sense of stillness inside, taking refuge in our heart helps, the power of love and of being loving enables us to be more inclusive, not to exclude anything, that's the tantric path. Realising who we truly are is too easy for the mind; we are in this together .., and more questions and answers with Adima - thank you very much.


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Adima Martha Hawkes grew up in the small town of Bensberg near Cologne. Since 2017 she has lived in Western Australia. She is available online in Zoom Meetings and for Individual Sessions.


Her search for self-realisation and truth began in childhood. It led her to music, art and dance and to explore religious, philosophical and therapeutic models. At the beginning of a promising career as a choreographer of Modern Expressive Dance, she followed the call of her heart to start on a spiritual path and traveled to India. She lived and studied in the community of the mystic Osho for over twelve years. In 1991 she also met the Advaita Teacher H.W.L. Poona, better known as Papaji.


Adima's search ended in the early 2000's in realising who she really is. 
Since 2003 she has been answering the questions of spiritual seekers (, friends and fellow travellers.


Together with her husband Sudeva (trauma therapist) she offers the body and energy work of TIBETAN PULSING for all who want to dive deep inside and transform with a unique method through touch and sound. 


She published a book in German, which is being translated into English and will be published as an e-book Sep / Oct 2022: “Innocent Life - Ending the Search”.



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