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Gurpreet: Conflict with Violence

In this video Gurpreetji discusses how having a conflict with violence does not allow us to open and see the root of the inner violence we may be hiding within.

Conflict with Violence Q&A

Gurpreet: Conflict with Violence 2

Conflict with Violence 2 Q&A

Gurpreet: Open Talk 6 The Absolute

Gurpreet: Open Talk 7 Hungry for Something

Gurpreet: Open Talk 8 Ending the Chapter Forever

Gurpreet: Open Talk 3 Simple Words

Gurpreet: Open Talk 4 The Lotus Flower

Gurpreet: Open Talk 5 Deepest Pain

Gurpreet: Open the Door to Your Own Anger

Gurpreet: Your Inner Wall

Gurpreet: The End of the Search, Surrendering in Love

This interview with Gurpreet took place in March 2016. Thanks to Helen Noah for asking the questions.


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About the spiritual awakening Gurpreets; when the person is shattered; surrender; the search for a guru; the knowledge to be love; the pursuit of purity; inner development; powerful inner certainty; absolute emptiness; releasing the Guru and the longing; unwavering presence and width; about the origin of the name Gurpreet; Gurpreeds way to become a spiritual teacher; about the people who come to Gurpreet; the willingness of students to unfold; for the person Satsang is very inconvenient; staying open for Satsang for a longer period is a challenge and the willingness to pay the price for freedom; again and again returning from the mind to oneself; the person is not aware of the self; about the stages of unfolding; the person is always looking for a peaceful state and thus remains detained; are not looking for a state, stop looking; if we keep looking for something, it is not possible to be in full devotion; surrendering in love without looking; without love we looking all the time for something to feed your own ego; there is so much information, so many books, but with knowledge, we can only flow, but do not sink into the depths; falling into the depths is happening, when you can see what keeps you away from it; love is never questioning and never ending; the misconception is that we want to achieve something; live only for the highest; if we try to protect some achievements, the world will automatically become the enemy; when no more questions remain; there is an absolute difference, to look a Satsang video or listen to a Satsang tape or to be in a Satsang.


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Gurpreet: Wanting My Daughter’s Approval

Gurpreet: My Ways

More Videos from Gurpreet

More videos from Gurpreet on YouTube:

Gurpreet: The Openness and Willingness to Move with Whatever There Is

This interview with Gurpreet led Devasetu over the Internet with her in English in November 2015.

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Guiding and helping people on the spiritual way; to connect with the higher self; the thirst and seeking of the people; so simple to connect with the higher self; being in oneness and everything is happening; the oneness in everything; the opening of the people who are coming to Gurpreet; seeing that everything is one by unfolding our inner nature; the led go of the mind understanding; the unfolding of the own self; the willingness and turning the face to open up; about the free will or no free will where to put one’s attention; unfolding through the questions: “Who I am?”; about the unconscious part; about the falling away of the identification with the I thought and the opening up to the higher self – different words for the same; Gurpreet’s connection to Advaita; the presence of Gurpreet in Satsang; the unlimitedness of beingness; about disciple hood – more like a family; no doing on the side of Gurpreet; the love of Gurpreet for people opening up in Satsang; the thirst for the higher; about being touched in Satsang; about the question to stay with one teacher; mind does not know who the real teacher is; teacher is a mirror; being in – there may be silent; about experiencing the oneness; the openness and willingness to move with whatever there is; about the I; Gurpreet beyond all tradition but knowing Osho, Papaji and Ramana by reading their books; the help of spiritual books; living from the richer place inside of ourselves; about Gurpreet’s books; ten day retreat in Frankfurt in March 2016; the running of the Satsang events with Gurpreet; the Indian roots; no where the feeling of being out of place; invitation to come to Satsang; the unfolding in the presence; being with whatever is in Satsang; everything that is happening is so wonderfully okay; by opening from the heard letting be everything like it is; the broader picture of everything; what is other than life and death, what is higher? – It cannot be described; about the spiritual potential in women and men.


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Open Talks with Gurpreet from Frankfurt 2015

Here you can find the Open Talks with Gurpreet from Frankfurt, March 2015 with German translation:


Open Talk 1


Open Talk 2


Open Talk 3


Open Talk 4


Open Talk 5


Open Talk 6


Open Talk 7


Open Talk 8


Open Talk 9


Open Talk 10


Open Talk 11


Open Talk 12


Open Talk 13


Connection - Be in the little bit

Open Talk - Feelings


Gurpreet is an Awakened Teacher who gently guides us to the Truth within as we see the false ideas and beliefs of the ego. She has walked through the illusion of separation and is now offering her direct, compassionate guidance to all that are longing to awaken.



Gurpreet's loving kindness, selfless patience, and deep clarity, invites in each of us, the willingness to diminish in all that is not real, as we discover the True Reality, beyond doubt, form and the familiar self.



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