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Welcome to Here-Now-TV

There have always been wise people on this planet, and they have constantly inspired other human beings by their clarity, wisdom and empathy. Such people are also amongst us these days. Here-Now-TV is a platform for wise people in order that their often quiet voices are not submerged by the flood of information in our days.

From our viewpoint everybody resonates at different times with different people or things, helpful in revealing a person’s true nature, which in reality never disappears, only for periods goes out of our range of vision. What touches one person deeply at a certain time may not be relevant at all to somebody else.


We from Here-Now-TV want to show all helpful videos and hope, they are touching other people, too.

Please enjoy!


The emphasis in the videos is on Satsangs and interviews with spiritual teachers, who answer different questions: Who am I? What do I really want? Why am I here?

Beside these questions they discuss other issues as well, concerning daily life, work and profession, love and relationship, healthy living, tension between politics and spirituality, economy and monetary systems. Every aspect of life can be the subject and is being elaborated on with wisdom. However, specific are the characteristics of the people shown in the video clips: their charisma, cordiality and wisdom.

Here-Now-TV (or exactly the version of it in German language: Jetzt-TV) is online since November 2006 and has developed into a real archive of about 65 hours of video clips, offering the opportunity to live out of spirituality and meditation.


By working for Here-Now-TV we are mainly concerned with giving authenticity, liveliness, stillness and love a chance to flower in lots of human beings.